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Your Guaranteed Maximum Price

Step 5

Step 5 in the Sels Process for exclusive villa building & renovation:

Your guaranteed maximum price

As soon as we’ve nailed down the final design, we will ensure a transparent price quotation with the best guaranteed maximum price possible.

All information will be provided by our calculators. And your quotation consists of a bill of quantities. This bill of quantities states certain methods of measurement (m, m2, m3) and indicates the unit prices.

Villabouw Sels ensures that the maximum price is respected. We take responsibility for any possible error resulting from our procedures. That way you will never pay more than we have quoted.

The cost and profit margins for our services are always clearly and plainly mentioned in a separate line on the quote. Open, transparant and visible.

Additionally, we are always ready to answer your questions.

Curious about our transparant pricing?