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Do you want to start building or remodelling your home? Villabouw Sels is happy to assist you in this process.

Are you searching for a property or selling one yourself? Or do you want to sell your exclusive home? Are you looking for a partner to build or remodel your home with? Discover our wide array of services below

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1. You want to build a unique and exclusive home on your own land

Do you already have a lot you want to build your dream home on? We’ll meet with you and the architect to start with a blank slate, so that we can build the house you have always wanted.

We will help you with everything from the first sketch to a fully furnished house. Villabouw Sels is here to take care of all your construction needs, where our aim is to get the best possible result. That’s what we stand for and what we love to do!

Find out how we will take you step-by-step to your dream house.


2. You already have an architect and construction plans

We like to offer a complete guaranteed maximum price according to the planning documents. Through our unique approach to comparative buying – as well as our support throughout the building or renovation process- we add extra value to your real estate experience.

We will gladly welcome your architect or interior designer to assist in creating your dream home, or to verify the accuracy and the quality of our work. We respect that your chosen architect will always remain in charge of all matters of design and aesthetics throughout the whole process.

Our first meeting will explain in more detail how we work. Based on our approach and experience, we are convinced that we can protect you from many piftalls that may arise along the way.


3. You’re an architect looking for the right contractor for your client

You probably want to be in control of the entire process, but you can’t always be on the site. Do you agree with the statements below? Then Villabouw Sels is the right fit for you.

  • You are committed to providing your client with the highest quality service at the best price.
  • You are looking for the best way to buy every part at the best way possible.
  • You believe in a neat work site and quick progress.
  • You require  a partner who takes their responsibilities seriously and solves problems when they arise.
  • You are looking for a partner who ensures the correct technical implementation of the job, without compromising on the aesthetics.

4.  You’re looking for a building lot or a home

We have been building our extraordinary extended network for decades. Both owners and realtors know that we know the right people, whether it be for a renovation project or a complete new build. And that’s why we’re the first to hear about new properties and lands for sale as well as new houses to remodel.

Under the For Sale category you will discover everything we have to offer. The most recent and promising listings are often offered privately. Contact us to discover our current listings for sale.


5. You would like to sell your property or your home?

Our extended network works both ways. Do you own a property or a building on a precious location, that you would like to sell as quick and discreet as possible? We’ll get you in touch with buyers interested in the most exclusive properties.


Let us know how we can help you.