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A modern home with sleek design sits amidst lush greenery, bathed in sunlight, exuding serenity and architectural elegance.

First choice in premium property.

Looking for the ideal place to create your future home – and happiness? Over the past decades, we have always cherished our relations with owners and agents. Thanks to this extraordinary network, great occasions present themselves regularly.

An atmospheric play of light illuminates the "SELS" logo, hinting at exclusive villa construction, while a minimalistic pendant light adds a touch of modern elegance.

Sels truly opens doors.

Get access to building plots on beautiful locations beyond compare or one-of-a-kind homes that could become your absolute dream house.
Closely collaborating with our clients and partners, we realise even the most exceptional vision. Our keen eye for excellence also serves us well in revealing precious opportunities, especially when it comes to buying and selling building land and remarkable residences. Yes, Sels sells.

Wonder whether we would be interested in your land or property? We look forward to hearing from you.

Prospect exceptional residences.

At Sels, we realise genuinely unique homes. Whether we build a house from the ground up or completely personalise an existing edifice, our commitment and craftsmanship guarantee an amazing result. Is your ultimate happiness residing in one of these notable residences?

Nerviërslei 19
A contemporary home seamlessly merges with nature, featuring a unique thatched roof and warm wooden accents. The lush landscape complements its modern architecture, embodying serenity.
Nerviërslei 17

Browse our exclusive building plots.

As a trusted companion of select real estate professionals and landowners, Sels repeatedly manages to acquire building plots on prominent locations. Is this where you will create an astounding home for yourself?

building plot FRANS REINEMUNDLEI – lot 3

Building plot


building plot FRANS REINEMUNDLEI – lot 2

Building plot


building plot FRANS REINEMUNDLEI – lot 1

Building plot


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