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What makes a home so precious?

That single question inspires a unique process, culminating in over 450 exceptional homes since 1968. Explore some of our projects here and get in touch to inquire for more information.

A modern two-story house with a combination of brick and sleek black finishes, illuminated interiors, and a landscaped garden featuring stepping stones and a young tree.

Residence TL

A contemporary patio area with black-framed glass doors, a striped sofa, and a thatched overhang, overlooking a lush garden.

Project VDV

A modern interior with elegant pendant lights hanging above a curved staircase made of marble, complemented by a neutral color palette.

Project DL

A contemporary house with distinctive thatched roofs, large glass windows, and a serene reflection pool surrounded by manicured greenery and modern outdoor furniture.

Residence ‘De Zevenster’


Residence ‘EV’

Elegant dining area with sheer curtains, cascading orb lights, and a dark round table. Blue chairs and minimalist decor enhance the serene ambiance.

Residence ‘DB’

A dimly lit room features three artworks, with a central portrait of a woman in a headwrap. Below, a relaxed dog lounges on a sofa adorned with textured cushions.

Grand Hotel Iepenburg


Residence ‘Het Schaap’


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