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What if you would decide to fully commit to your dream house?

Start the conversation
Many people underestimate the amount of time that is spent in the process leading up to the actual construction. First, we align expectations as we believe transparency is key. In a face-to-face meeting we discuss both personal aspirations and practical elements.• Do you already have a building plot? As we focus on absolute fulfilment, we offer additional real estate services, such as buying and selling land on prime locations.• Do you have a particular timing in mind? We build highly personalised homes, totally tailor-made. On average, it takes 18 months of construction, marked by exceptional attention to detail and finish, to complete a Sels residence.• What funds do you have at your disposal? Obviously, creating your supreme residence is far from cheap, but our close collaboration is also about spending time. We consult regularly and we personally introduce you to our partners, assisting you in your choices.
Meet the architect
For the second meeting, we welcome one of our architects to the table. According to the information we have gathered from the first encounter, we select the right in-house expert for your project and lifestyle. Together, we deliberate your aspirations, wishes and preferences and assess how to tailor them to the specific building plot. This conversation is all about substance, not form.
Assess the plans
Within a month, our architect presents the design of your dream house, interpreting your desires and demands and expertly illustrating the possibilities of the building plot. Since we have established a good understanding by now, do not hesitate to speak your mind. It is of the utmost importance you completely connect with the design.
Optimise the plans
Your remarks and questions are valuable input for a second, third or even fourth design. Depending on the feedback, the architect carefully improves or entirely reworks the plans, ensuring you are 100% pleased before we move on to the next step in the process.
Discuss the quotation
We know, at this point you cannot wait to start building your awe-inspiring residence. However, we have to talk numbers first. Our team will meticulously measure and compute the exact m, m2 and m3 to present you a detailed and transparent quotation. The costs and margins for all Sels services, from initial design to finishing touch, are clearly compiled separately. We consider the calculated total to be the maximum.
Apply for the permit
This is where things get real. This is the step where you truly commit. You pay a moderate deposit and sign a letter of attorney, allowing our technical designers and engineers to apply for a building permit on your behalf. We will deduct this deposit from the overall costs. Whatever happens, the permit and the regulatory records belong to you.
Issue the permit
As you wait for that crucial piece of paper, we will continue to involve you in every decision. Precise technical plans enable us to discuss even the smallest details and our interior architects already begin their research for a first proposal. Seeing we now have most of the information, we draw up a contractor agreement as well as a scope statement and edit the measurements.
Sign the agreement
We do not tend to over complicate things, so we keep the agreement rather brief, transparently identifying our prior promises – without any of the usual legal vocabulary. We prefer a genuine, personal connection; clarity over complexity.
Start the construction

As agreed, we ‘lay the first stone’ within 2 months after obtaining the permit. A joyous moment! And we are determined to make the experience for you as delightful as possible – every day one step closer to the dream and one less worry. You also accompany us as we visit and consult our unique network of professionals, who are more than happy to assist you in making all the right choices for your magnificent mansion. From connection to perfection.

A woman is laying tiles on a table.

From understanding to ‘under construction’.

Our methodical approach has been perfected over the many years we expertly support our clients in their search for timeless bliss. Above all, we value a human connection. Every project is about a long-term commitment; building a shared trust and a deeper understanding ensures an open relationship. We vouch for an impeccable result and we know you will value our expertise. That is why we heavily invest in your client experience, sharing our ideas and insights to exceed your expectations.

From existing residence to exciting renovation.

Optimising a home is a delicate task—a responsibility we approach with utmost care. We believe a fresh look should be inspired by a clear vision and founded on extensive know-how. This enables us to realise your requests and aspirations, regardless of the technical and practical challenges. From minor improvements to complete remodeling, we design and build truly personalised spaces that meet advanced standards for carefree living and long-term comfort.

A building that is being demolished in the middle of a wooded area.

Whether we get together to talk about an entirely new project or a unique renovation, at Sels, we meticulously manage the complexity of the process.

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