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What a precious word. Welcoming people into your home, your personal space, is a grand gesture. Your home does not just provide shelter; it stand as a testimony of everything you aspire. It represents both dreams and accomplishments. Your home reveals your personality in the purest form. Therefore, we consider it a great privilege to help create and build this exceptional home for you – from a delicate renovation to an entirely new project.

Our approach has been perfected over the years.

Start the conversation
We value you as a client. Therefore, as professionals we feel it is crucial to connect on a personal level, aligning our experience and your expectations.
Meet the architect
Obviously, expertise is principal. In order to optimally develop our relationship, we carefully select the right in-house experts for your particular project.
Assess the plans
After a few weeks, we fuel the conversation with a first concrete conception of your future home. An exciting moment, and a new starting point.
Optimise the plans
As we have established a transparent partnership, we welcome your straightforward feedback to optimise and improve the first design.
Discuss the quotation
At this stage, we both have a clear perspective of the end result. Time to assess and analyse the details and costs. Again, transparency is key.
Apply for the permit
“Let’s do this!” Together, we commit to the construction of your extraordinary residence. Acquiring a permit is the first formal step in the process.
Issue the permit
While we wait for the permit to be assigned, we prepare other documents and – even more delightful – we start envisioning the interior.
Sign the agreement
This might just be the most satisfying part about paperwork: completing the preceding process with our signatures, and a sparkling toast.
Start the construction
Tightly organised, delivered on time: that is the Sels pledge. We inform and involve you continuously, enhancing this unique experience.

We believe that people who commit to completely tailor their residence, deserve our total dedication and expert guidance. This results in unparalleled homes, impeccable in both aesthetics and technique.

Project VDV


Project DL


Residence ‘De Zevenster’


Residence ‘EV’


Our legacy fuels our philosophy

Each of the homes we realise, is founded on heart and soul – unique, even in the smallest details. And each construction is a showcase of the experience and know-how we have acquired since 1968. With Sels, we have truly built a name for ourselves.

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